Our Team

Mariusz Dzidowski, attorney at law

Mariusz Dzidowski is an attorney at law registered with the District Bar Association in Warsaw.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw and completed barrister traineeship in the District Bar Association in Warsaw.  He also accomplished a year training course "The Law of the European Union in Practice" organized by the Łazarski University and the Russian Law Program organized by the Łazarski University in collaboration with the Academic Law Institute in Moscow which operates through the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences (lectures were delivered by Russian lecturers and the language of instruction was Russian).

He has twelve years’ experience gained in Warsaw law offices. He was a partner in law offices and legal counsellor’s offices and subsequently he established his own law office. In his activities he concentrates mainly on providing legal assistance to entrepreneurs - both Polish and foreign (among others, he deals with businesses from South Korea, Spain, Norway, Slovakia and Russia). He has worked with real estate development companies, architecture and building companies, big retail chains, firms dealing with modern technologies, energy service companies, housing and production cooperatives, diplomatic missions, a local administration unit, as well as with clients dealing with real estate market investments. He represented his clients in court and in public auctions drawing up contracts and supporting his clients in the field of the corporate law. He also carried out legal due diligence audits. Mariusz Dzidowski also has experience in providing legal services and assistance to legal persons. In this domain he dealt with indemnification procedures, reprivatization cases (e.g. so called Warsaw land), inheritance and property law, as well as with  family law (e.g. divorces) and labour law.

He specializes in broadly understood civil law, companies and partnerships law, property law and building code.

Mariusz Dzidowski was a member of teaching staff at faculties of law in a few of Warsaw higher education institutions (among others, in the Łazarski University and in the Chodkowska University) for six years.

Foreign languages: English, Russian




Artur Bednarek, tax counsellor

A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics where he accomplished the Finance and Banking course. Artur Bednarek has participated in a great number of training courses and seminars in the field of tax law with special focus on corporate tax and value added tax.

He has been working on tax issues since 2002 cooperating with subjects from a wide range of businesses, among others FMCG, public services and finance. He participated in tax proceedings, tax audits, and court and administrative proceedings. As a part of collaboration with statutory auditors he participated in reviewing financial statements. At present, he provides legal advice to entrepreneurs running business activities.

Since December 2006 he has been registered with the National Chamber of Tax Advisers.

Foreign languages: Russian, English




Justyna Gałka, trainee attorney

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. She has been a member of the District Bar Association in Warsaw since 2010.

She has been cooperating with our Law Office since 2011. From 2006 to 2011, as a volunteer, she collaborated with the Academia Iuris Foundation's Legal Clinic in Warsaw. She also has experience in public administration. In 2011 she accomplished the Law of the European Union in Practice training course organized by the Łazarski University.

Her professional interests concentrate around the issues of civil law and proceedings, family law and administrative law.

Foreign languages: English




Karolina Widerska, trainee attorney

Karolina Widerska graduated with a very good result from the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. Having defended her thesis "Concluding contracts in electronic form" she attained an MA degree. She has been cooperating with our Law Office since 2010. She is currently training as an attorney in the District Chamber of Attorneys in Warsaw under the supervision of an attorney at law Mariusz Dzidowski.

She specializes in substantive and procedural law as well as in commercial law.




Justyna Sienicka, law graduate

Justyna Sieniecka graduated from the European School of Law and Administration in Warsaw.

Since 2011 she has been working in our Law Office. She provides legal assistance in cases of commercial law and substantive law.

Foreign languages: English


Katarzyna Pisarek

She is responsible for the organizational and administrative services in the Law Office.

She has over six years of experience in organizing and managing a reception and in providing administrative services to law offices.

Outside work she is fond of travelling and likes spending her time actively. For many years she has been fascinated with Italian culture and in consequence she is a fluent speaker of Italian.

Foreign languages: Italian and English