Beside business legal services, the legal counseling on the real estate market is one of the key areas of our activities. We accompany our Clients (developers and construction sector entrepreneurs) at all stages of their investment process. We conduct legal due diligence of a real estate under which we examine the legal title to the property, any encumbrance of real estate,  spatial development plan, zoning decision; we also check on any possible restrictions to sell real estate.

We assist our clients in the process of obtaining financing for the purchase of real estate. We negotiate with banks, leasing companies and other project funding entities, as well as with Client counterparts. We prepare and also issue our opinions on draft agreements at all stages of the construction process, including: contracts with the general contractor, real estate sales contracts, development contracts, construction works contracts, design works agreements, and subcontractors agreements.

We hold proceedings before land and mortgage register court, before the public administration bodies and administrative courts. We represent Clients before the common courts of law in construction disputes, in lawsuits to gain protection of debt collection, claims for restitution, and possessory actions.

We also support our customers at the stage of commercialization of ready-made objects.