Russian desk

Russian Desk is a department of our Law Office where we provide legal services in Russian, Polish, and English to Russian customers, operating in the territory of Poland, and to Polish clients entering the Russian market or already operating therein.
This department is an important part of our business. This department is coordinated by attorney at law Mariusz Dzidowski who has extensive experience in advising Russian clients. Attorney at law Mariusz Dzidowski had been providing his legal services to the Embassy of the Federation of Russia in Poland for over fifteen years. He has also advised Russian entities conducting business in Poland as well as individual Russian consumers. Advocate Mariusz Dzidowski graduated from Russian Law Studies conducted in Russian by the lecturers of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is fluent in Russian, including the legal language.
The Eastern European market enjoys a growing interest among Polish entrepreneurs. Economic cooperation between Poland and Eastern European countries keeps developing very dynamically. The level of investments and trading volume in their bilateral relations continues to grow. Among the clients of our Law Office, there are entrepreneurs who have also seen their opportunity on the Eastern European market. In response to their needs, namely to provide them with professional legal services, we have partnered to cooperate with leading law firms from Eastern Europe.

We serve our clients in Russian, English, and Polish languages.